Dr. Nicole Tillie

Naturopathic Doctor

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A Warm Welcome

I’m an Etobicoke-based naturopathic doctor with a passion for helping families thrive, naturally. I would love to be part of your health care team and provide you with the very latest nature has to offer. Looking forward to meeting you!

Every patient is unique and so are the treatment options that can help every one of them stay well. I offer such services as Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, botanical medicine, laboratory testing and lifestyle counselling to help assist my patients find their best self.

Areas of Focus

From pregnancy and beyond

Having a healthy baby starts in the womb. Dr. Nicole will provide guidance on having a healthy pregnancy and she can help you prepare for your child using various nutritional and herbal means as well as pre-birth acupuncture. Having been trained as a naturopathic doula provides Dr. Nicole with additional tools to support you through your pregnancy and birth.

Building the foundation

Pediatric health sets the foundation for the future. Well-child checks are available to make sure your child is growing appropriately and meeting their milestones. Dr. Nicole will work diligently with you and your child to ensure that they are thriving physically, mentally and emotionally. Pediatric care is available for newborns until 16 years of age.

Everybody and every body

Health is a priority at any age. Regardless of age or gender, Dr. Nicole can work with you to address your health concerns and help optimize your foundations of health to ensure that you and your family can prosper. We can work together to find a natural solution that keeps you feeling your very best.

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